Ridflex / Progrid
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Ridflex® equestrian surfaces are manufactured to the highest standards and quality.
To be able to fit all your requirements we can offer you the ready to use:
  • ridflex® jump
  • ridflex® dressage
  • ridflex® Western
  • ridflex® allround

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The Ridflex® surface consists of 4 components:
  • sand
  • sandvlies for elasticity
  • sandfaser for optimal grip
  • sandgel for waterstorage

All these components can be ordered separately to optimize your existing surface.


A winner surface
Off course we can help you individually to create your optimal equestrian surfaces.
Together with Equi-Consultancy you can create your personal winner surface.
  • less injuries
  • dustfree
  • durable
  • all weather
  • easy to maintain
  • elastic
  • good grip


The cost effective way off keeping the moisture in the surface is sand-gel.
Sand-gel consist of water-storing granules with a enormous storing capability.
40 kilograms of sandgel can store 12.000 liter water. Excess water runs off, leaving the water-storing granules completely filled up. The granules slowly and evenly give the water back to the surface. When it rains the whole procedure starts over again.


Tested for environmental compatibility
Subsequent tests were performed on the footings and the supplements.
Tests for toxic contents conform REACH-regulations:
  • PM concentrations
  • Aldehydes
Test result: Environmentally neutral


Our additives
The materials to build our surface are extremely durable.
A well maintained surface assures you of a longetivity that is second to none.

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We offer:
  • complete mixes
  • sand-gel
  • sandvlies
  • sandfaser
  • basicmix
  • progrid®
  • D.I.Y.S. mixes


Equi consultancy is highly convinced of having found the right combination of knowledge, people and materials to find the best possible solution for your equestrian surface.
In Ridcon we found a partner that we trust, a partner with the same high values and working standards.


Selected references
  • four times Olympic gold medalist Ludger Beerbaum.
  • therapiezentrum Hohehost,Schwanewede, germany






Progrid®evolution is the elastic top off the range product for Dressage and Show Jumping surfaces.
Progrid® will make your outdoor arena more stable and more elastic by using the easy to build elastic shock absorbing underground construction. 15 years of knowledge has proven the advantage of the use of progrid®.
Progrid® has been proven to prevent injuries.
Increased elasticity and grip will improve your quality of riding, as your horse will be able to move in more supple and comfortable way. The outdoor surfaces stay in optimal condition even after heavy rainfall and/or drought.
The progrid® system is easy to install thanks to the unique 5-point clicking system. Heavy machinery are not required and therefore it is easy to install.
Progrid® also has proven to be ideal for use in paddocks,
lunge circles and walkers.

ridcon pro gridmore-info

  • Optimal injury prevention
  • Continious level surface
  • Low maintenance
  • Elasticity and grip
  • Optimal drainage
  • Easy to install
  • Usable on any surface



Service and contact
Free sample pack and complete brochures available on request give us a call or send us an e-mail.
Please contact us for any further questions or advice. We speak fluent Dutch, English and German and basic Spanish.


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For contact by phone:
0031 6 52651547 Margreet Schouren
0031 6 52645043 Rob Schouren