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Probably the most absorbent bedding money can buy.

Aubiose is a completely different type of bedding and should provide you with savings in time and labour if it is managed properly. The bedding works by soaking up liquids in a small area, at the base of the bed. The capped layer that forms over this saturated material reduces the chance of wet bedding being mixed in with the dry. The top layer of the bed remains warm, soft and dry for the horse.


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100% natural, organically cultivated hemp

Waste management is high on the list of priorities to protect our environment and Aubiose contributes greatly to the environment as it completes it's own 'life cycle loop' naturally.
Aubiose is a 100% natural material, which composts readily without the need for added composting agents. For this reason farmers and gardeners love it. Furthermore, Aubiose is an annually renewable resource, which can be traced back to the field in which it was grown!
Most importantly Aubiose is good for your horse, providing a clean, natural and healthy stable environment giving extended nights for him and extended days for you.


What will you do with the time you save?

Caring for horses and their stabling can be demanding of both your time and your energy; switching to Aubiose can mean a big reduction in the time you spend mucking out.
Less time cleaning stables means more time for you; all you need to do is dream up new ways of spending this time.


Getting the best out of Aubiose

  • Start with a clean stable.
  • You will need approximately 8 bales for a 12’ x 12’ stable.
  • Dampen the bed by spraying with a hose or by using approximately one gallon of water per bale as this helps the bed to settle and create a secure base.
  • Horse/ponies are not generally tempted to eat Aubiose but as they are of an inquisitive nature we advise that when Aubiose is first used, the bed be sprayed with a weak solution of a safe disinfectant and that the horse/pony has access to it’s normal ration of forage. Persistent bed eating may cause colic.Remove any droppings twice/three times a day, and lightly rake the top of the bed to keep its shape.
  • Every five to ten days (depending on the horse/pony) remove the saturated material, then top up with fresh Aubiose - average requirement is half to one bale per week.Aubiose can be used as a deep litter bed. Remove droppings two or three times daily, lightly rake the top of the bed. Add fresh Aubiose as required.
  • DISPOSAL: Because Aubiose is so absorbent, there will be less material removed from the stable, thus reducing the area needed for muck storage. Aubiose is made from young plants, and will break down rapidly to form a very valuable compost.


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